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4-IN-1 Feature-Rich System

The eNet100 IP Communication System integrates Server (PBX Server), Voice Gateway, VMS, and Conference Server. Through the web browser, administrators can maintain the system by using the web server and reduce management costs by remotely accessing off-premises locations.

Reduce Operation Cost

The eNet100 allows you to call remote branches, telecommuters or business travelers via the Internet instead of using toll calls. You could also contact remote customers through remote voice gateways. It helps enterprises reduce communicaton cost and increase employee productivities. In addition, there is no need to re-wire when you need to add, move or change extensions.

Support Multipe Telephone Types

The eNet100 provides various business IP phone types supporting features like LCD display, programmable buttons, Power-over-Ethernet, and QoS. Also supported are the PC-based software phones and traditional analog phones. The off-premises IP phones, SoftPhones and voice gateways can be connected to the headquarter's server via the Internet, along with the InterCosole or SoftConsole's ability for operators to easily and quickly grasp the status of all calls.

Flexibility and Scalability

The eNet100 meets the needs of enterprises from small to large, single location to multiple sites. You can simply add more extensions, voice gateways and applications gradually to increase the systm capacity. Each site can have an independent system or use the unique Joint Server feature: they can stay in touch with other branches as they are within a single entity. The original investment is saved without the need of replacing a new system.


  • Auto Insatllation Mode
  • Automatic Call Distribution - Linear/Circular/Longest Idle
  • Call Queuing
  • Extension Group Logon/Logoff
  • Full-Featured Voice Mail System
  • Message Auto Purge
  • Message Broadcast
  • Message Distribution List
  • Message Notification - Phone/Email/Extension/Message Lamp/Pages
  • Message Playing Control
  • Multilingual System Greetings
  • Multiple Level Automated Attendent
  • Multiple Personal Greetings
  • One-Button Voice Mail Retrieve
  • PC Phone - SoftPhone
  • Personal Web-Based Browser Management
  • Private and Urgent Message Handling
  • Scheduled Greetings for Holidays and off-Hours
  • Unified Messaging
  • Voice Guided Dial Keypad Programming
  • Full-Featured Recording System (Optional)
  • Record-on-Demand

    • Answer Calls
    • Auto Answer
    • Button Mapping Groups
    • Call Forward (No Answer/Busy/All)
    • Call Hold/Retrieve
    • Call Park/Pickup
    • Call Pickup Group
    • Call Status Display - Status/Name/Line/Number/Duration
    • Call Waiting/Retrieve
    • Caller ID from PTSN
    • Calling Line Identification
    • Calling Party Name Identification
    • Dial Plan
    • Direct Extension/CO Line Access
    • Direct Trunk Acces by Extension Number
    • Distinctive Ring (Internal/External)
    • Do-Not-Disturb
    • Full Duplex Speakerphone (IP580)
    • Internal Group Paging
    • Last Number Redial
    • LCD Time/Ext/Name Display
    • Message Waiting Lamp
    • Multi-Party Conference
    • Mute - Speakerphone and Handset
    • Ringer Volume Control
    • Speed Dial-System Volume Control
    • Unanswered Call List
    • Recent Dial List




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