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The eNet660S server is an All-in-One SIP standards based communications system that provides traditional Key-Hybrid features such as direct C.O. line appearances. It includes Key-Hybrid feature software, analog C.O. line connections, a voicemail system, standard licensing for direct connection to SIP carriers, a router, a firewall, and an 802.11g/n wireless access point. All built in without the need for addtional hardware or licensing.



  • -Support wired/wireless IP Terminals
    -NAT and Routing functions
    -Automatic fall-back to PSTN line calling when power fails
    -Auto attendant and Voice Mail
    -Direct Line Appearances
    -Supplementary call features
    -Office to Office
    -Plug & Play WIN IP phones
    ENIP2092 (Color)
    -Carrier Class audio quality
    -Standard SIP trunk interface
    -Standard analog line interface

  • -Abandon Call Disconnect
    -Answering Position
    -Auto Attendant and Voice Mail
    -Call Transfer/Forward/Conference
    -Call Operator
    -Call Routing Table
    -Caller ID Detection
    -Daylight Saving Time setting
    -Return to Default Setting
    -Direct Inward System Access (DISA) via Auto Attendant
    -Emergency Call
    -Feature Code Access
    -Flash Analog Port(SLT) Flash Recognition
    -IP Trunk
    -Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
    -Voicemail E-mail notification
    -Multi-Line Appearance
    -Music On Hold
    -Day/Night Switching
    -Numbering Plan
    -Loop Break/Polarity Reversal (PR) Detection
    -PSTN backup
    -System Date & Time setting
    -Trunk Group
    -Paging Group
    -Class Of Service (COS)
    -Office to Office connection




    Telephone Systems


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